Assumption Property Management

The Perfect Property Management Solution For Owners with Existing Tenants

The Assumption Property Management option is available for homeowners who have rented their property but consider a hands off approach to be the ideal situation. With this option homeowners can enjoy every aspect of the Full Service Property Management after your tenant moves in.

Assumption Property Management Services Included:

  • Collection of rental payment
  • Assessing and collecting late payment fees
  • 24/7 response to maintenance issues
  • Handling of Security Deposits in qualified Trust Accounts
  • Accounting and tax services for your property(s)
  • Court appearances in the event of eviction.

This is a Full Service Property Management option that will allow Oak City Properties to take over the day to day operation of your investment. 

The fee for this service is $300 and 8% of the gross rent per month after.

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