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Property Management Raleigh

Your property is one of your most valuable investments. There are lots of things to consider when placing your residential real estate with a property management firm. The long term goals you have for your property is our opportunity to create the success you seek from working with a property management company like Oak City Properties.

Typically, we are able to market and find tenants for your property in less than 30 days. However, we work hard to secure leases that align with your property goals. You can trust us to provide solid, trustworthy advice and to be proactive to your needs. Take the responsibility of property management and place it in our care. Our property managers and agents will be your advocates.

All of Oak City Properties agents are licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Landlord Property Management Services in Raleigh

We offer a number of property management services to property owners in the Greater Raleigh area.

Investment Property Acquisition by Oak City Properties

Investor Property Acquisition

The Oak City Properties team has decades of experience that we leverage for you to make an informed property investment decision possible. Once you’ve made the decision, we go to work to help you get the maximum ROI from that property. I’m Interested

Full Property Management Services in Raleigh, NC

Full Service Property Management

Learn how our Full Property Management Service is perfect for homeowners who are looking to rent their home but feel a hands off approach is ideal. I’m Interested

Full Property Management Services in Raleigh, NC

Assumption Property Management

Learn how our Assumption Management Service is perfect for homeowners who have already rented out their property but would like to have help. Tell Me More!

Tenant Location Services by Oak City Properties

Tenant Location Service

Our Tenant Location Service is available for those homeowners that don’t mind the task of working with tenant’s but don’t want the headache of marketing, showing, background checks, lease drafting, etc. Help me find a tenant!

Property Marketing Services in Wake County, NC

Property Marketing Only

This is a flat-fee option for those homeowners ready to take on the property management experience all on their own with a little assistance from the MLS and other marketing avenues that only a real estate firm can provide. Learn More

Utilities Management Raleigh

Landlord Utility Information

Property owners looking for utility information for Wake County can use this resource to identify which utility services are nearby. See the Wake County Utility Options.

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Pam at Oak City Properties is the best agent that any family can ask for when looking for a home. My fiance and I were looking to move into a new home and we did a lot of searching on the web and found a home on there website. I got all the proper information to Pam and she relayed to the owner in our favor. If you are looking to rent a home or buy Pam at Oak City Properties is the personal agent that you want working for you and want to work with she is the best of the best.

Gordon Bellamy

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Rental Inspection Checklist

Why is it important to use a move-in checklist? A move-in checklist is a great way to make sure the lines of communication are open (from the beginning) between a tenant and a landlord. It is a way to help document the existing condition of the property and take a...

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